Welcome to a world of original watercolors - Watercolors inspired by the beauty and significance of life in Minnesota and beyond -

Judy Cline – Watercolor Artist

Summer in Minnesota!
We bask in the longer days, relishing the green world, with its myriad of shades, from the darkest, nearly purplish greens to the pure yellow-green of sunshine. Enjoy the scenes from summer - and all the other seasons - in these galleries. Within each gallery (Paintings from Nature; Watercolor Florals; Paintings of People; and Commissioned Paintings) you'll see many individual original watercolor paintings. You can click on any painting to learn more about it! Many are available for sale.
I've recently added a new gallery, Student Works, where I am featuring a small selection of recent works by participants in my classes. I hope you will enjoy browsing not only my paintings, but a sample of artwork by folks who inspire me!

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